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Dr. Ian Libert graduated from National University of Health Sciences (Lombard, IL) in 2012 with an Associate of Applied Sciences in Therapeutic Massage and again in 2013 with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. He has since practiced Chiropractic in both Minnesota and Kentucky. In addition to his Chiropractic and Massage degrees, Dr. Libert has also become certified in Dry Needling, Myofascial Cupping, Kinesiology Taping, and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation. Dr. Libert has also received corrective exercise evaluation and training both during his professional schooling as well as in his continuing education.

Dr. Libert's philosophy is to use movement as medicine. He utilizes a 3 pillar approach to musculoskeletal health: Joint Mobility, Soft Tissue, and Functional Movement. In other words, are joints able to move properly? Are soft tissues able to move properly? Are soft tissues moving joints in a way that doesn’t cause dysfunction? Every patient that sees Dr. Libert will have a base evaluation assessing joint mobility, soft tissues, and functional movements. Based on evaluation findings, a treatment plan will be constructed with each patient addressing their individual needs and goals. If there are aspects of health that he does not treat personally or modalities that he does not perform, Dr. Libert will help find the proper healthcare professional to refer to.

Dr. Libert is originally from Wisconsin. He moved to Louisville, KY in 2016 with his spouse and they now have 2 children. In his free time, Dr. Libert enjoys traveling with his family, trail and road distance running, hiking, gardening, and backpacking.

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